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How to Apply


All students and advisors connected to a SURG or SURG/CW must REGISTER.  For group projects, one student in the group can register the project and invite the other students and advisor(s) to join. All participants will receive an email to accept the invitation.

When registering, please update any incorrect or missing information in your profile.

Please note:  All faculty advisors and students on group projects must be added by the student initiating the project registration.  You MUST use their ANDREW ID to enter those individuals.  ID exchanges will not enable you to apply (i.e.;; cmu.sei.cmu;, etc.)  Use of the online application requires WebISO authentication for each applicant. 

The Application

Your application is your chance to tell us about your proposed research, why it's significant, and how you plan to use a SURG or SURG/CW grant. Your finished application will include:

  • A final draft of your proposal (3 pages max/4 pages max for SURG/CW)
  • A final copy of your budget, including costs above what SURG offers (up to $500/individuals; up to $1000/groups of two or more)
  • A recommendation form from your advisor

Proposal Types

There are two types of proposals. Which of the two types - I or II - should I submit?

Type I and Type I/Crosswalk

For students who are in the Creative Arts and Humanities, there is a proposal option, Type I for research-based "making" projects. If you are submitting a proposal in any of these areas, you should see the "Guidelines for Students Writing Art and Creative Humanities Grant Proposals" below.

If you are submitting an Interdisciplinary Proposal Type I/CW, then you will need to complete two additional questions in the proposal on a separate page, in addition to the three page proposal.  Those questions are listed under the proposal page for Type I.

Type II and Type II/Crosswalk

All other students should submit Type II and follow the standard guidelines below for that type.  If you are submitting an Interdisciplinary Proposal Type II/CW, then you will need to complete two additional questions in the proposal on a separate page, in addition to the three page proposal.  Those questions are listed under the proposal page for Type II.

Guidelines for Type I and Type II Proposals

All proposals must include line-item budgets in addition to the standard proposals and follow the same Proposal Format in terms of length, font, and printing: single-sided, printed documents, no smaller than 12 point serifed (such as Times or Palatino) font, included headings for each section of the proposal as outlined on the "Writing a Proposal" page. All students are encouraged strongly to work with their advisors, attend proposal writing workshops run by the URO, and also to seek help from the Undergraduate Research Office Director and Associate Director.

If you are uncertain about whether Proposal Type I or Type II is most appropriate for you, please contact Stephanie Wallach, Director of the URO, at, Joanna Dickert, Assistant Director, at, or Richelle Bernazzoli, Assistant Director at or call 8-5702.

You will submit your proposal using the registration page link.

Type I: Guidelines for Students Writing Arts and Creative Humanities Grant Proposals including SURG/CW

Type II: Guidelines for All Other Proposals including SURG/CW

The Process

Before the deadline, you should do the following things:

1. Ask your project advisor to complete a recommendation form
2. Draft your proposal based on the guidelines in Writing Your Proposal
3. Register your project through this website
4. Attend a Proposal Writing Workshop run by the URO
5. Meet with our Director or Associate Director

If you will work with Human Subjects: Read A Note on Human Subjects for instructions

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SURG & SURG/CW Workshops