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International Relations and Politics Program (IRPP)

Understanding Europe and the EU: Basics, Essentials, Trends

Eva Maria Höller-Cladders, Tuesday, October 20, 2009

4:30pm, Margaret Morrison Carnegie Hall 103 (Breed Hall)

Holler-Cladders photo

Dr. Höller-Cladders, AudeatInternational; formerly SVP International Affairs, Robert Bosch GmbH

Europe and the European Union: Looking from outside in, this geographical entity and political union is prone to lend itself to all kinds misconceptions and criticism on the one hand and esteem and appraisal on the other. For the latter, the European Union is a powerful and unique achievement of political and human reconciliation, economic growth and social progress in countries which fought each other in several wars during the 20th century; for the former it is a bureaucratic, diffuse, and slow apparatus of seemingly undemocratic checks and balances. Dr. Höller-Cladders´ talk seeks to elucidate a field of frequently obscured judgments by going back to basic assumptions and facts. She presents the historic mile¬stones of how the EU developed into what it is today, she introduces essential EU institutions, explains how the EU works and sheds light on what diversity means in and for Europe. In doing so she sensitizes her listeners to the political why and wherefore of the EU and encourages her listeners not to overburden the Union with expectations it cannot live up to. Dr. Höller-Cladders concludes by discussing some of the challenges the EU encounters currently.

Dr. Eva Maria Höller-Cladders is a cross-border individual and professional, both in terms of international exposure as well as academically and functionally. A native of Germany, she has studied, worked and lived in Germany, the United Kingdom, Canada and the United States. Business travels took her to Asia. She studied at the universities of Cologne, Exeter, Toronto and Munich. While her educational background is in the Humanities and Liberal Arts with an emphasis on Philosophy and English Language and Literature (in which field she took her doctorate at the University of Cologne), she has worked in business for twenty years. She has been and still is engaged in knowledge creation and knowledge sharing processes throughout her career, her endeavor being to encourage people to work and learn by leaving their expert silos and to be inspired by the best - both ethically and technically - of different professional and social communities. She is currently setting up a centre of competence in this very field.

In her previous engagement, Dr. Höller-Cladders was Senior Vice President International Affairs at Bosch headquarters in Berlin, Germany. As such, she developed a strategy, a system and a network for Bosch executives worldwide to effectively reach out to the respective political communities and to enhance government relations. Prior to this, she was President of Carnegie Bosch Institute for Applied Studies in International Management, jointly appointed by Bosch and by Carnegie Mellon University, Pittsburgh (PA), USA (2003 – 2007). As leader of Carnegie Bosch Institute, she worked to bring together individuals from around the world with different professional experience in business and academia in order to create a sound exchange of thought and experience and to improve the knowledge, ethics and performance of worldwide business. Dr. Höller-Cladders joined the Bosch Group in 1996. As Senior Vice President she then shaped the globally active Corporate Department for Associate, Executive, and Organizational Development and took charge of a strategic associate and executive education which made a difference in the business culture and had an impact on the long-term business success.

Prior to Bosch, she served in engagements at BMW AG, Munich, where she was in charge of culture policy and –management, and at Deutsche Bahn AG (German Rail) in Berlin where she worked as head of Public Relations. She started her career at the City of Bonn, Capital to the Federal Republic of Germany before German reunification, where she was responsible for political representation and protocol at the Office of the Mayor.

Dr. Höller-Cladders is committed to sharing her professional experience with other individuals and groups across disciplines and professional communities. As an Adjunct Professor of Organizational Behavior at Carnegie Mellon University, Pittsburgh (PA), USA, and as a senior business expert she liberally presents her thought and experience both in corporate, public and academic venues nationally and internationally.

Dr. Höller-Cladders is married and mother of a son and a daughter.


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