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Taking over: how the hip-hop generation changed the world

Jeff Chang, February 10, 2009

4:30pm - Adamson Wing, 136A Baker Hall

Jeff Chang photo 

Jeff Chang traverses continents and decades to show us how hip-hop came to crystallize a multiracial generation's worldview. How does it define the lives of millions around the world? How has it transformed politics and art? And how did it redefine the portrayal of race in popular culture? He draws on economics, social theory and demographics to trace the tumultuous period in which hip-hop came to life -- a time when the post-civil rights generation moved from out of the margins and into the mainstream. He speaks with passion, tempered with a critical understanding of pop culture, to tell students that this important history is actually their history.

This lecture is part of Black History Month programming and is co-sponsored by the Graduate Student Assembly, Office of the Dean, English Department, Student Development, Alpha Kappa Delta Phi,  Student Senate, Student Dormitory Council, and Kappa Phi Lambda Sorority.


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