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Take what you HAVE and make of it what you CAN: An Introspection

Milton Fine, April 7, 2009

4:30pm - MMCH* 103, Breed Hall

(*Margaret Morrison Carnegie Hall (MMCH) is located at the intersection of Margaret Morrison and Tech Streets, next to the tennis courts, across from the Tepper School of Business. Enter through the rotunda, and then turn right to Breed Hall.)

Milton Fine book cover

Born in a Pittsburgh working-class community to unschooled immigrants from Eastern Europe, Milton Fine went on to build the world’s largest independent hotel management company. His interests in contemporary art and collecting led to his becoming chair of the board of the Carnegie Museum of Art and one of the founders of the Andy Warhol Museum. Art, in turn, helped him see the world differently and made him a better businessman. Mr. Fine will share the lessons learned and the ideas and philosophies that helped shape his life and determined the course of the journey. His experiences as an entrepreneur, manager, art collector, and philanthropist inform his reflections on what matters in life and work. Mr. Fine believes that one determines his destiny by acting on the big ideas that come and also by learning from the small lessons from everyday life. His experiences during his journey shaped and reshaped his view of the world.

“I learned that questions are more important than answers. The tests that you take as students may test your learning of facts and techniques but understanding comes from questioning your assumptions and absorbing the lessons that life can teach. Hopefully, I will always be a student.”

A native of Pittsburgh, Milton Fine is Chairman of FFC Capital and Chairman of the Board of The Fine Foundation.  Mr. Fine is a lifetime trustee of the Carnegie Institute and board member of the Andy Warhol Museum, amongst numerous other institutions supporting the arts. After a long and successful career in hotel and real-estate investment, he and his wife, Sheila, established the Fine Foundation, a private family foundation.

This ULS Journeys lecture is presented in partnership with Carnegie Mellon’s College of Fine Arts and School of Computer Science.



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