March-University Lecture Series - Carnegie Mellon University

March 2011 ULS

Lectures this month include:

March 1 - HUMANITIES CENTER LECTURE: Mieke Bal, University of Amsterdam / Video, Migration, and Heterotemporality

March 15 - CENTER FOR INTERNATIONAL RELATIONS AND POLITICS LECTURE: Dr. Sebastian Harnisch, Heidelberg University / Twenty years after unification: the sources of Germany’s foreign policy conduct

March 17 - Stephen Hall, New York University / Science of Wisdom

March 18-20 - China Today: Economics, Technology and People weekend course at University of Pittsburgh

March 22 - JOURNEYS LECTURE: Indira Nair, Ph.D., Vice Provost for Education Emeritus, Carnegie Mellon / Teachers all around Me: My life of learning

March 23 - HUMANITIES CENTER LECTURE: Jennifer Gully, Humanities Center Fellow / Languages in Conflict: Migrants and the Monolingual Nation-State

March 24 - CENTER FOR INTERNATIONAL RELATIONS AND POLITICS LECTURE: Governor Howard Dean / The Health of the Nation

March 24 - Terry F. Yosie HS’75,’81, World Environment Center / Sustainability and the Evolving Global Chessboard

March 25-27 - Environment Today: Biodiversity and Environmental Justice weekend course

March 31 - Robert Powell, University of California, Berkeley / Rationalist Accounts of War

March 31 - CENTER FOR THE ARTS IN SOCIETY: Joseph del Pesco, Kadist San Francisco / Now That Everyone is a Curator, Curators are Writing Algorithms