September-University Lecture Series - Carnegie Mellon University

September 2009 ULS

Welcome to the University Lecture Series website for September.

Lectures this month include:

Sept. 9 - Great Decisions webcast by World Affairs Council / Cuba after Castro

Sept. 10 - Douglas Boucher / Tropical Forest and Climate Initiative, Union of Concerned Scientists / Global Warming: Doing what the planet needs in Washington, Copenhagen, Pittsburgh and tropical forests

Sept. 11 - 29 CHAINS TO THE MOON: Artists' Schemes for a Fantastic Future / Guest curated by Andrea Grover

Sept. 14 - Thomas Pogge, Yale University / Humanities Center Faculty Research Colloquium series / World Poverty: Explanations and Responsibilities

Sept. 14 - Carnegie Mellon’s G-20 Forum – an expert preview of the Pittsburgh Summit

Sept. 17 - Joel Berg, New York City Coalition Against Hunger / Why We Have Hunger in America and How We Can End It

Sept. 24 - 25 - G-20 Economic Summit in Pittsburgh / Events listed from August 26-September 29

Sept. 29 - Alexander Lennon, Washington Quarterly / University of Pittsburgh International Week / Today's Interdependent World Order