Roberta Klatzky-University Lecture Series - Carnegie Mellon University

Waiting for Life to Happen

September 24, 2007: Roberta Klatzky


Professor of Psychology and Human-Computer Interaction, Faculty, Center for the Neural Basis of Cognition

If you ask someone to describe her life, likely she’ll tell you about the inevitable transitions [high school to college]; the major decisions [get married - me?] and the big surprises, good [winning the lottery] or calamitous [cancer].  But life’s definition more often lies in seemingly idle meandering, aided by gentle nudges or currents along the way.  It’s how your parents met, the frost on the window in winter, the games with your siblings, the trout that jumped off the line.  It’s the glint of light you catch in the corner ofyour eye that vanishes when you turn to look directly.  

Only after you’ve meandered a way can you look back and see a pattern. In my talk I will look for it.

The University Lecture Series is a partnership between the Office of the Vice Provost for Education and the Division of Student Affairs.  All lectures are free and open to the public.  All lectures are on Carnegie Mellon’s Oakland campus.