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Rating Scale for Assessing Students’ Critiques of Finance Case Presentations

Name: Robert Dammon, Tepper School of Business
Scope:  Course – 45901 Corporate Restructuring, Tepper School of Business
Assessment Tool: Rating Scale: CritiqueRatingScaleTepper.pdf


What factors/data/circumstances initiated the action?

I require students to analyze and do oral presentations on cases in class. There isn’t time for all the groups to present all cases so each group presents a different case. However, I expected them to analyze and prepare for all of the cases, which wasn’t happening. So I needed a way to motivate them to prepare all the cases without having the burden of scheduling more time for presentations and more grading.


What did you hope to learn from the assessment?

I wanted to ensure that students were reading and analyzing all the cases and not just the ones they were responsible for presenting.


How was the data collected?

I constructed a 6-item rating scale focused on the quality of the presentation and quality of the critique. Items are rated on a 5-point scale ranging from 1=Poor to 5=Excellent. There is also an open-comment item.


How was the assessment activity carried out?

After a group presentation, I randomly select a student group to critique the presentation and offer their own analysis of the case.  The idea is that because students don’t know beforehand which case they will be asked to critique, they have to prepare for all the cases.

Who were the participants?

This is a graduate-level advanced finance course. Groups are randomly selected to present a critique so not all groups necessarily participate.

When was/will the data be collected?

While the group is presenting their critique, I take notes on the presentation and then soon after I fill out the rating scale.

What is the current status?

I have used the scale for a few years and this is a standard component of the course.

What was the data, how was it analyzed/interpreted?

After the presentations I use the notes to complete the rating scale.


How is the data being used?

Based on the ratings and my comments I get an overall score for the critique presentation, which contributes to the group’s overall grade.


The activity is effective in getting students to read and prepare the cases they are not responsible for presenting.

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