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Rubric for Assessing Students' Public Speaking and Presentation Skills

Scope: Graduate Program, Computer Science Department, School of Computer Science
Assessment Tool: Rubric for Assessing Students' Public Speaking and Presentation Skills


Informal feedback from employers and graduate schools reported that CS graduates had strong technical and intellectual skills but had weak public speaking and presentation skills.


Our goal was to ensure that all CS graduates have acquired a sufficient degree of proficiency in oral and visual presentation skills.


The faculty collectively developed a Speaking Review Rubric. The rubric articulates the various skills and competencies that students must develop to pass the public speaking and presentation requirement.


A panel of faculty and students use the Speaking Review Form to assess performance and provide feedback to the students. Students are allowed to repeat the process until they receive a passing grade. To pass, at least two faculty and one student must give an evaluation of "good" or better.


All graduate students in the program are required to design and give a presentation of their work to a group of faculty and students.


The department will continue to track employer feedback in informal ways to ascertain effectiveness of the tool.

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