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Program Impact Survey

Name: Eberly Center for Teaching Excellence
Center level: Teaching Consulting Program
Assessment Tools:
Teaching Consultation Impact Survey

Motivation/Purpose: What factors/data/circumstances initiated the action?

The current (2008-09) economic situation has necessitated budget cuts, and so we needed to evaluate the impact of our various programs to help decide which programs to prioritize and how revise those programs to better meet faculty needs. We decided to start with Teaching Consultations because it is the core program of the Center and the one that is most widely used. Although we often receive anecdotal evidence of the effectiveness of teaching consulting, such as letters or emails from various faculty members, we felt we needed a more systematic and transparent process that engaged a broader and unbiased sample of faculty participants.

Goal: What did you hope to learn from the assessment?

The main goal of this assessment was to collect information from faculty about the impact that the one-on-one consultations with an Eberly Center colleague had on their course design or delivery. Specifically, we wanted to identify the kinds of pedagogical changes that resulted from the consultations, and how many courses and students were affected by these changes.

Methods/Tools: How was the data collected?

A four-question survey was constructed by the Eberly Center.

Implementation: How was the assessment activity carried out?

The survey was distributed online. The faculty members were invited to participate in the assessment by email. Included in the email was a link to the survey.

Who were the participants?

All faculty members and course instructors who worked individually with Eberly consultants over the past two years were invited to participate in the survey.

When was/will the data be collected?

We collected this data in February of 2009, with a plan to administer this survey every year.

What is the current status?

The data was collected and analyzed in March of 2009. Our plan is to administer this survey annually as part of our efforts to systematically assess the effectiveness of the Center and develop and revise programs accordingly.

Impact/Results: How is the data being used?

The data is being used in conjunction with other data to determine which programs to maintain, which programs to prioritize, etc., and how to revise the program to increase effectiveness.


The data collected was very valuable in validating our informal assessment of the changes our faculty colleagues implement as a result of working with us. The survey had a very high response rate, which we attribute to both its brevity and to the faculty’s interest in the program.

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