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Supervisor Questionnaire to Assess CEE Program Effectiveness

Scope: Department: Civil and Environmental Engineering, School of Engineering (CIT)
Assessment Tool: Supervisor Questionnaire to Assess CEE Program Effectiveness


What factors/data/circumstances initiated the action?

The university had no data on supervisors of our alumni, and one of ABET’s criteria for assessing success in meeting our program objectives is to examine the accomplishments of graduates 3 to 5 years after graduation.


What do you hope to learn from the assessment?

The basic goal of the department was to gather information on how effectively are we preparing students for the professional. In particular, we wanted to gather information on 4 ABET objectives.


How was the data collected?

A short email survey was designed to solicit the opinions of persons who work directly with our graduates, as work supervisors or graduate advisors.


How was the assessment activity carried out?


The department emailed students who had graduated 5 years ago and asked them for permission to contact their supervisors. Once contacted, supervisors were sent and responded to the survey via email. Response rate was about 33%.

When was/will the data be collected?


What is the current status:

This survey is administered to the supervisors of students who graduated 5 years before.

What was the data?

How was it analyzed/interpreted?

Results from the survey were tabulated and summarized.


How is the data being used?

The data are used to gauge the effectiveness of our program and contribute to discussions of curriculum revision.

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