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Recruiter Survey to Assess Program Effectiveness

Scope: College: College of Engineering (CIT)
Assessment Tool: Recruiter Survey to Assess Program Effectiveness


What factors/data/circumstances initiated the action?

This is one piece of data that is collected to help assess and improve the engineering curriculum. Collecting this kind of information also helps to meet the requirements of the Accreditation Board for Engineering and Technology (ABET)


What did you hope to learn from the assessment?

Our goal is to find out how recruiters perceive our students, in comparison to engineering students on other campuses, on our key learning objectives.


How was the data collected?

A short, 3 question survey is distributed to job recruiters when they come to campus for recruiting sessions. The Career Center handles the distribution of materials.


How was the assessment activity carried out?


Job recruiters that come to campus for the Technical Opportunities Conference (TOC) at the beginning of the fall semester and the Employment Opportunities Conference (EOC) in the spring semster are given the surveys in their welcome packet. Recruiters are asked to fill out the survey for each student they interview. Participation is voluntary.

When was/will the data be collected?

The data is collected every fall and spring semester.

What is the current status?

This is an ongoing process, surveys are distributed twice each year.

What was the data, how was it analyzed/interpreted?

Results from the survey are tabulated and summarized.


How is the data being used?

The results are used in combination with other data collected by the school to guide curriculum revision. Results are also included in the ABET reports.


It is difficult to get a high response rate from the recruiters. They often don’t have time during the employment conferences to fill out the forms.

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