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Alumni Survey of Curriculum

Name: School of Drama
Scope: Program – Part of Curriculum Review, School of Drama, College of Fine Arts
Assessment Tools: Alumni Survey of Curriculum


What factors/data/circumstances initiated the action?

The Advisory Committee for the School of Drama voiced some concerns about the curriculum, which led to the decision to review the curriculum and establish a clear set of school goals. Prior to revising the curriculum, the school wanted to gather evidence from multiple sources, including alumni, to ensure their decisions would be based on sound and robust data. We thought that the alumni data would be an important complement to the data that was being collected from current faculty an students.


What did you hope to learn from the assessment?

The main goal was to collect information from alumni about the strengths and weaknesses of the program in relation to the goals, the importance of the learning goals in preparing for a professional career, and to solicit suggestions for what is missing given their experience in the professional world.


How was the data collected?

A survey was developed in both an online and a paper version. Because we wanted to reach as many alumni as possible, we created the instruments in both forms.


How was the assessment activity carried out?

The survey was distributed online for those alumni who had current email addresses.  Paper surveys were mailed to the remaining alumni with stamped return envelopes.

Who were the participants?

All alumni who had graduated within the previous 25 years and who had current contact information were selected to participate. The response rate was over 80%.

When was/will the data be collected?

We collected this data over a three month period at the beginning of the curriculum review process, to complement the data we had from the Advisory Committee as well as data were were collecting from current students and faculty.

What is the current status?

All the data was collected and analyzed by April 2003. The curriculum review and revision has been completed.


How is the data being used?

The data was used in conjunction with the data from the students and faculty to guide the review and revision process. The data aligned extremely well with the data collected from students and faculty, which made it easy to identify and address our weaknesses and help ensure that we would continued to build on our strengths.


The data collected was very valuable in itself. However, a great added bonus was the sense of involvement and importance it gave the alumni. Several spontaneously reported how pleased they were to be included in the process and to reconnect with the school again.

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