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Rubric for Assessing Student Participation

Instructor: Ting Chang
Scope: 64-100 Critical Histories of Art, College of Fine Arts
Assessment Tool: Rubric for Assessing Student Participation


This is a large, lecture class required by all students in CFA. It is divided into several recitation groups in which students are expected to participate. Instructor and TAs found that students in CFA have very different levels of comfort with, and knowledge of what class participation means. Some are more comfortable speaking in public, while others are not.


To increase and systematically monitor student participation in recitations.


A participation rubric was developed that clearly articulates the behavioral components that comprise participation and provides descriptions of the behaviors associated with different levels of performance. The tool provides guidelines to students as well as provides a means for TA’s to assess class participation.


The participation rubric is handed out as part of the syllabus. TAs monitor students’ participation in recitation sessions throughout the semester and use the rubric to assess the overall participation grade.


Students have become more aware of what good participation means and have noticeably begun to participate along the lines of the rubric.

Challenges & Comments:

The rubric has made the grading of participation far less subjective and more uniform across all the recitation sessions.

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