When is SUMMIT?
This year's SUMMIT is on Janurary 8th, 9th, and 10th This is the Thursday, Friday, and Saturday before Spring Semester. However, classes begin Thursday morning so we suggest you move back Wednesday the 7th.
How many courses can I take?
Most students take 5 - 10 courses, depending on the length of each course. Each course is 1-6 hours long: feel free to fill up your schedule with as many courses as you can!
What courses are there?
Check out our Course Descriptions page.
Will we be able to get into our rooms if we come back early for Summit?
Yup! If you are a part of CMU student housing you will be given a special tempoary keycard to access your dorm room.
I don't see any courses on the Course Description page
They are in the process of being updated and finalized - contact us if you have course recommendations!
What do I do about food? And where would I live?
Actually, when you register, we provide you with both housing (if you live in campus housing) and food!
When do I have to register by?
Early Registration Deadline: December 2nd ($50)
Regular Registration Deadline: December 31st ($55)
What is the cost to attend?
Well, there is a $55 dollar charge, but this is primarily for the food.
Note: We will automatically charge your student account when you register, so you don't need to worry about that stuff :)
Now that I've registered, now what?
That's it! You will be able to select classes early Janurary (we will send you another email)
When / How do I sign up for classes?
You will recieve an email with instructions in early Janurary
What if I registered but can't come anymore?
Please contact us ASAP and let us know. The deadline to cancel your reservation for a refund is December 6th, 2014.
More questions?
Contact us!