Funding Requests-Student Government - Carnegie Mellon University

Funding Requests

Senate allocations fund an assortment of campus-wide events and initiatives, off-campus trips and competitions, and necessary equipment for organizations. When requesting a special allocation, groups should always communicate to the Finance Committee how the event or project benefits the campus community.

In order to request a special allocation from Student Senate: Please contact the Finance Committee Chair, Landon He, at The chair will reserve a date for your organization to meet with the committee, which will make a reccomendation to the Student Seante General Body. Please confirm with the Finance Committee Chair that you will attend the meeting at the reserved date and time.

Before sending the e-mail, please do the following:

Please include a budget (in excel format) and complete the application PRIOR to contacting the Finance Chair for a meeting slot to expidite the process! Remember: Inflating your budget, in the hopes of getting a higher allocation, will result in the finance comittee lowering the recommendation.

The committee will ask questions about the event and will make a recommendation in a closed meeting later that day. Decision about the committee’s recommendation should be sent within 72 hours of their meeting. The Finance Committee will submit their recommendation to the Senate body at the following Senate General Body meeting. The final allocation will be voted upon and confirmed at the next Senate General Body meeting which you are asked, but not required to attend. At the General Body meeting, you may be asked to answer outstanding questions from the Senators.

According to the Student Senate Fiscal Policy, organizations may not request funds for student salaries or alcohol. Organizations may spend money in the following categories with the approval of a three-fourths vote of Senate:

  • Transportation
  • Travel expenses
  • Outside organization membership dues
  • Taxes
  • Coaching expenses
  • Management and consulting fees
  • Subscriptions
  • Food and non-alcoholic beverages
  • Leasing off-campus facilities

Organizations that are funded by the Student Activities Fee by the Joint Funding Committee can submit a special allocation request for unanticipated items or for new programs and initiatives that were not line itemed in their JFC budget. Please contact the Finance Committee Chair, Landon He, at if you have any questions or concerns about the special allocation process.

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