Rep Assignments-Student Government - Carnegie Mellon University

Rep Assignments



1000plus Day of Service Landon He
AB Coffeehouse Andrew Minton
AB Comedy Andrew Minton
AB Concerts Andrew Minton
AB Films Andrew Minton
AB Lectures Andrew Minton
AB Political Speakers Milan Desai
AB Publications Milan Desai
AB Special Events Milan Desai
AB Tech Divya Krishnan
AB Underground Milan Desai
AC Mellon Men's Soccer Team Andrew Schwartz
Activities Board Milan Desai
Activities Fair Milan Desai
Actuarial Club Mark Whiting
All University Orchestra Nkinde Ambalo
ALLIES Milan Desai
Alternative Break Jalen Poteat
American Association for Aerosol Research Mark Whiting
American Society of Civil Engineers Mark Whiting
Amnesty International Milan Desai
Apex Edward McFowland
Arab Student Organization Aditya Dargan
Archery Club Sang Hoon Lee
Asian American and Pacific Islander Graduate Student Caucus Aditya Dargan
Asian Student Leadership Conferences Jalen Poteat
Asian Students Association Jalen Poteat
Astronomy Club Edward McFowland
Atheists, Humanists, Agnostics Jeffrey He
Awareness of Roots in Chinese Culture Aditya Dargan
Badminton Club Sang Hoon Lee
Ballroom Dance Club Nkinde Ambalo
Baseball Club Jalen Poteat
Bhangra in the Burgh Nkinde Ambalo
Big Straw Mark Whiting
Black Graduate Students Organization Aditya Dargan
Budaya (Malaysian Students Organization) Jalen Poteat
Carnegie Alliance of Traditional and Social Dance Nkinde Ambalo
Carnegie Clan Milan Desai
Carnegie Involvement Association Edward McFowland
Carnegie Mellon Men's Lacrosse Jalen Poteat
Carnegie Mellon Raasta Jalen Poteat
Carnegie Mellon Rocket Command Jalen Poteat
Carnegie Mellon Solar Splash Jeffrey He
Carnegie Mellon Table Tennis Organization Milan Desai
Carnegie Mellon University Math Club Jalen Poteat
Carnegie Mellon University Origami Club Milan Desai
Carnegie Mellon University United Nations Children's Fund (CMU UNICEF) Landon He
Carnegie Tech Radio Club Edward McFowland
Catholic Newman Club Jeffrey He
Chabad of CMU Aditya Dargan
Chess Club Divya Kothandapani
Chinese Student Association Aditya Dargan
Chinese Students and Scholars Association Aditya Dargan
Circle K Landon He
CMU Bhangra Jalen Poteat
CMU Board Game Club Andrew Minton
CMU Cricket Club Sang Hoon Lee
CMU eSports Edward McFowland
CMU Explorers Club Sang Hoon Lee
CMU Fishing Club Sang Hoon Lee
CMU Floorball Club Sang Hoon Lee
CMU Pool Club Jalen Poteat
CMU Quidditch Club Sang Hoon Lee
CMU Speech and Debate Divya Krishnan
CMU Tennis Club Sang Hoon Lee
CMU Turntable Crew Nkinde Ambalo
CMUBronies Andrew Minton
cmuTV Mark Whiting
Colleges Against Cancer Landon He
Computer Club Edward McFowland
Counterpoint Nkinde Ambalo
Crosslink Jalen Poteat
Cycling Club Sang Hoon Lee
Dancers' Symposium Jalen Poteat
Deewane A Cappella Nkinde Ambalo
Doctors of Carnegie Society Divya Krishnan
Emergency Medical Service Landon He
Enactus (formerly Students in Free Enterprise) Jalen Poteat
Energy Club Andrew Minton
Engineers Without Borders Jalen Poteat
Environment & Water Resources Institute (EWRI) Graduate Student Chapter at CMU Jalen Poteat
Facilitating Opportunities for Refugee Growth and Empowerment Landon He
Fellowship of Christian Athletes Jalen Poteat
Fencing Club Andrew Schwartz
Filmmaking Club Mark Whiting
Financial Frontline Society Divya Krishnan
Foosball Club Jalen Poteat
Fringe Edward McFowland
Game Creation Society Jalen Poteat
Global Medical Brigades Andrew Minton
Graduate Biomedical Engineering Society Divya Krishnan
Grappling Club Andrew Schwartz
Greek Advisory Board Andrew Minton
Habitat for Humanity Landon He
Her Campus Mark Whiting
Hillel Jewish Students Association Aditya Dargan
Hong Kong Student Association Aditya Dargan
Humanist League Jeffrey He
Ice Hockey Andrew Schwartz
Impact Movement Jeffrey He
Indian Graduate Student Association Aditya Dargan
Inter A Cappella Council Nkinde Ambalo
Inter-Fellowship Association Jeffrey He
International Freestylers Nkinde Ambalo
International Justice Mission Divya Krishnan
International Relations Organization Divya Krishnan
International Student Union Aditya Dargan
InterVarsity Christian Fellowship Jeffrey He
Israel on Campus Jeffrey He
Japanese Cooking Club Jeffrey Yan
Japanese Student Association Jeffrey Yan
Jewish Graduate Student Association Jeffrey Yan
Joyful Noise Nkinde Ambalo
Juntos Jalen Poteat
Kiltie Band Elena Karras
Knowing and Understanding the Passion of Christ Jeffrey He
Korean Student Association Jeffrey Yan
Lambda Sigma Divya Krishnan
Latino/a Graduate Student Association Jalen Poteat
Liberty in North Korea Andrew Minton
Life Matters Divya Kothandapani
Longboarders Club Andrew Schwartz
Lunar Gala Jalen Poteat
Masters of Flying Objects Elena Karras
Mayur - South Asian Student Alliance Jeffrey Yan
Men's Ultimate Frisbee Club Jalen Poteat
Men's Volleyball Club Andrew Schwartz
Men's Water Polo Club Sang Hoon Lee
Minority Association of Pre-Health Students Jalen Poteat
Mobilization of Resolute Feminists Divya Kothandapani
Mock Trial Jalen Poteat
Muslim Student Association Jeffrey He
National Society of Black Engineers Jalen Poteat
New Life Campus Fellowship Jeffrey He
OM - An Organization for Indian Spirituality & Culture Jalen Poteat
Online Gaming Society Edward McFowland
Orphanage Outreach at CMU Landon He
Persian Student Organization Jeffrey Yan
Pittsburgh Go Association Divya Kothandapani
Project Sunshine Landon He
Public Communication for Researchers Jalen Poteat
Quiz Bowl Divya Kothandapani
Racquetball Club Andrew Schwartz
Robotics Club Edward McFowland
Roller Hockey Club Andrew Schwartz
Romanian Students Association Jeffrey Yan
Rugby Football Club Jalen Poteat
SafeWalk Landon He
Sciences Teaching Club Mark Whiting
Scientists and Engineers for America Divya Krishnan
Scotch'n'Soda Elena Karras
ScottyLabs Edward McFowland
Shotokan Karate Club Andrew Schwartz
Singapore Students' Association Jeffrey Yan
Ski & Snowboard Club Jalen Poteat
Ski and Snowboard Team Andrew Schwartz
Society for Creative Anachronism Divya Kothandapani
Society of Asian Scientists and Engineers Divya Krishnan
Society of Automotive Engineers Divya Krishnan
Software Carpentry @ CMU Edward McFowland
Soundbytes Elena Karras
Spanish And Latin Student Association Jeffrey Yan
SPIC MACAY Jeffrey Yan
SPIRIT Landon He
Spring Carnival Committee Divya Kothandapani
Strive for College Divya Kothandapani
Student Body President Jalen Poteat
Student Body Vice President for Finance Jalen Poteat
Student Body Vice President for Organizations Jalen Poteat
Student College Divya Krishnan
Student Pugwash Divya Kothandapani
SUMMIT Jalen Poteat
Sustainable Earth Divya Kothandapani
Sweepstakes Divya Kothandapani
Taiwanese Scholar Society Jalen Poteat
Taiwanese Students Association Landon He
Tanah All Girls Dance Troupe Elena Karras
Tartan Parkour Divya Kothandapani
Tartan Swing Elena Karras
TEDxCMU Divya Krishnan
The Cut Magazine Mark Whiting
The Frame Elena Karras
The Oakland Review Mark Whiting
The Originals Elena Karras
The Tartan Jalen Poteat
The Thistle Jalen Poteat
The Triple Helix Mark Whiting
Thomas M. Kerr Jr. Pre-Law Society Divya Krishnan
Treblemakers Elena Karras
Tufaan - The Storm Elena Karras
Turkish Student Society Jalen Poteat
Undergraduate Business Technology Club Divya Krishnan
Undergraduate Finance Association Divya Krishnan
Undergraduate Investment Club Divya Krishnan
Undergraduate Marketing Organization Jalen Poteat
University Rowing Club Andrew Schwartz
Vermillion Anime Edward McFowland
Women's Club Soccer Andrew Schwartz
Womens Club Softball Andrew Schwartz
Women's Club Volleyball Andrew Schwartz
Women's Lacrosse Andrew Schwartz
Women's Ultimate Frisbee Club Andrew Schwartz
Women's Water Polo Sang Hoon Lee
WRCT 88.3FM Divya Krishnan
Yang Jia Taijiquan Jalen Poteat
Yarnivores Elena Karras
Young African Leaders Association Jalen Poteat