FAQ-Student Government - Carnegie Mellon University


What is the JFC?

The Joint Funding Committee is a group of 17 students, undergraduate and graduate, that allocates Student Activities Fee money to student organizations at Carnegie Mellon University.

Can I change the purpose of a line-item?

Yes, what you want to do is submit a Line Item Change Request to the Student Body Vice President for Finance. Send an email to sbvpf@andrew.cmu.edu explaining your case or schedule a meeting with the SBVPF.

What does it mean if Budget Tracker says my organization has "capital" money?

During the JFC allocation process, the JFC might have allocated money from the JFC capital fund towards the purchase of capital equipment for your organization. This money is not in your org account, but rather in the JFC capital account. In order to access this money, read the policy and then email sbvpf@andrew.cmu.edu.

How do I read my monthly report?

  1. Your final account balance is not shown on the spreadsheet, only account activity for that month
  2. Negative numbers are positive and positive numbers are negative--strange accounting deal
  3. There are multiple tabs to peruse if you are excel efficient