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Apply for Funding

Every year, all organizations who want to receive JFC money in the upcoming year must fill out the declaration of intent, indicating the organization plans to submit a budget to the JFC during the spring budget process.

Following the submission of this form and its approval, you will be assigned a JFC rep who will meet with you this semester, as well as next semester, to guide you through the budget process. They will be your primary point of contact throughout the process.

This year's form includes more comprehensive questions about the state of your organization and its current goals, priorities, and mission. Please be aware that the answers to these questions will help your JFC rep better understand your organization, and may have impact on the level of funding you receive. These questions may take some time to answer, so please plan accordingly. 

Finally, part of this year's submission includes conducting an inventory of your organization's assets. The form will explain the level of specificity needed, but this inventory is meant to assess all equipment and property owned by the organization, and what you fill out should reflect that.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to e-mail Jalen Poteat at