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Apply to be a JFC Rep

What is JFC?

Every year, a small group of students have the opportunity to be a part of a process that shapes Carnegie Mellon's student experience in a monumental way. The Joint Funding Committee (JFC) is in charge of the allocation of 1.3 million dollars of your student activities fee, which is used to fund the majority of student organizations the following year. The time commitment is large, but the reward is too, as you will be playing a powerful role in deciding what the culture and atmosphere of campus will be like in the following year.

While JFC membership is time-consuming and requires a lot of commitment, it will truly change your perspective of Carnegie Mellon, your engagement with the campus community, and your overall awareness of campus programming. You will be one of the most knowledgeable students on campus with regard to student organizations and events. If you are ready to take the leap and enhance your CMU experience, apply to become a member of the JFC.

Who Are We Looking For?

In September 2009, the Student Body Constitution was amended to increase the size of the Joint Funding Committee from a standard 11 representatives to a minimum of 11 and a maximum of 17 representatives. Of these, 5 seats are reserved for the Student Body Vice President for Finance, the Student Senate Chair, the Student Senate Finance Chair, the GSA President, and the GSA Vice President for Finance, leaving a maximum of 12 vacant seats that can be filled by the rest of the student body.

Any student, graduate or undergraduate, who is currently enrolled at least half-time and has paid their Student Activities Fee, is eligible to apply for the opportunity to become a member of the JFC and to serve as a representative for at least 10 student groups who are seeking funding. We are looking for people who are willing to put in a substantial amount of time and effort and really own this role. It is a big job, but if the collective takes it seriously, it can lead to amazing results. If you are passionate about student life, want to really learn about this campus, and are excited at the prospect of having impact on your community, then this is the committee for you.

An ideal candidate has experience serving as an elected officer in at least 1-2 student organizations at CMU, although anyone, including freshmen, with a strong interest in improving the campus community or in Student Government is encouraged to apply. Students with Student Government experience will make excellent candidates, but in order to form as diverse of a committee as possible, at least half of the 12 vacant seats will be given to students who are not currently a part of CMU Student Government.

Membership Expectations

Membership in the JFC is a great privilege but also carries a lot of responsibility. Potential applicants are cautioned to carefully consider whether they are willing and able to make the necessary time commitments.

JFC Timeline

  • September: JFC interview process. First meeting will be end of September or at the beginning of October
  • October: JFC meets 3-4 times; rep orientation and familiarization with Stugov policies 
  • November: Reps find out their group assignments, meet with their groups 1-2 times before the end of the semester, and check their groups' past financial records
  • December: JFC meets once to plan for spring semester budget process
  • January: Reps meet with each of their groups 1-2 times to go over their FY-15 budget proposals
  • Early February: FY-15 budget proposals are due on BudgetTracker
  • Mid-February - Late March: JFC meets 4-5 times a week to go over all budget proposals
  • April: JFC appeals process
  • Late April: JFC budgets are finalized and go before Senate and GSA for ratification

This timeline should give potential applicants a rough idea of the time commitment involved in membership in the Joint Funding Committee, which varies from month to month. During the fall semester, we will meet as a committee 1-2 times a month, and reps have about half of the semester to meet with each of the groups they represent once or twice to get acquainted with them. Unlike previous years, JFC reps are encouraged to truly get to know the organizations they represent and work with them as a financial advisor of sorts.

The spring semester is when the true work of the JFC commences. Reps have less than a month, from early January until early February, to meet with each of their assigned groups 1-2 times to talk specifically about their FY-15 budget proposals. Then, from the time budgets are due in early February until the end of March, we will meet as a committee about 3-4 times a week to make our decisions about the proposed budgets. We will probably have 3-4 total meetings in April for the appeals process, after which the final slate of budgets is passed to the Graduate Student Assembly and Undergraduate Student Senate for ratification.

Attendance Requirements

According to the Student Body Constitution amendments passed by GSA on September 2 and Student Senate on September 3 of 2009, JFC reps are now required to attend a minimum of one meeting a month during the fall semester and half (50%) of each month's meetings during the spring semester. If a JFC rep does not attend at least that many meetings, they are subject to immediate removal and replacement. JFC rep attendance has been an issue in the past, so for the FY-15 budget process, this policy will be STRICTLY enforced. 

Apply Now

The application process for the 2013-2014 JFC committee has ended.