Family-Student Government - Carnegie Mellon University

Family Resources

Student Parent Association

The "Student Parent Association" is a google group aimed at collecting information for CMU graduate students.  To get in touch you can join their Google group or contact Heather Knight ( or Rebecca Balebako (

Families and Dependents

The Office of International Education maintains a great website on information for spouses and families Note that spouses, partners, and families are eligible for ID cards.

GSA Family Resources

CMU has several lactation rooms around campus. More information about where these rooms can be found and how to access them visit this page.

Details on locations of changing tables around campus:

  • CIT: Two are located outside of CEE in Baker Hall (one in the women's room and one in the men's room). Additionally, a changing table is located in the unisex bathroom in Scaife Hall.
  • Tepper: Tepper has changing tables in all restrooms.
  • Heinz: The second floor restrooms in Hamburg Hall have a changing table in both the men's and women's room.
  • Mellon: There are two changing tables in Doherty (one in the men's room and one in the women's), as well as one in the unisex bathroom (4th floor of Mellon).
  • SCS: All handicapped stalls in both men's and women's restrooms in Wean have changing tables.  Additionally, there are tables in both the men's and women's rooms on the main floor of Newell Simon (by the atrium).