International-Student Government - Carnegie Mellon University

International Resources

GSA is committed to working with international students to provide a better CMU experience.

Office of International Education

The Office of International Education at Carnegie Mellon University is committed to supporting, promoting, and celebrating individuals in an intercultural environment. They advocate for and facilitate international and cross-cultural experiences, perspectives and initiatives. OIE promotes and facilitates study abroad and acts as a liaison to the university for international students, researchers, and professors.

Fellowships and Scholarships

The Fellowships and Scholarships Office maintains a list of scholarships available to international students.

International Student Organizations

Because of its diversity, there are a number of organizations representing our student population. The CMU Admissions website maintains a list of all student organizations, including a variety of international organizations. Some of the larger groups are listed below.

The Arab Student Organization (ASO) is a non-political student organization whose objective is to create an awareness of the different Arab cultures through the sponsoring of Arab social and cultural activities in an attempt to spread knowledge and generate an understanding of these cultures.

The Asian Student’s Association (ASA) provides a forum for social networking and cultural awareness with events and opportunities for learning, socializing, and leadership among our members.

Awareness of Roots in Chinese Culture (ARCC) promotes Chinese culture to the general student body. ARCC organizes many open events throughout the school year such as the Mid Autumn Festival, Night Market and Chinese New Year.

Barkada is a Filipino Club.

The Black Graduate Student Organization (BGSO) supports graduate (and undergraduate) students of color with cultural, academic, and professional development. BGSO members represent African, African-American, Hispanic/Latino, and Islander Heritages.

Budaya (Malaysian Culture Organization), which means culture in Malay, is an organization that promotes Malaysian culture to the general community and aims to expose other members of the community of the Malaysian heritage.

The Chinese Student & Scholar Association in Carnegie Mellon University (CMU-CSSA) is an organization for Chinese graduate students and scholars, which seeks to help new students start their lives in Pittsburgh and build a better community for its  members.

IGSA (Indian Graduate Student Association) represents and brings together the graduate students on the campus who are from India.

The Spanish and Latin Student Association (SALSA) is a social and cultural organization that strives to increase campus awareness of issues specific to Latino and Hispanic-American students as well as international students from Spanish-speaking countries.