Special Allocations-Student Government - Carnegie Mellon University

Special Allocation Funding

How to Request

In order to request funding, an organization must submit it's budget to the Finance Committee at least two weeks before the committee's next meeting, fill out the application, and then attend that meeting.  The Finance Committee will give its recommendation to the organization and the GSA, the Friday before the GSA Representatives meeting.

Any group or representative wishing to appeal the committee's recommendation must do so in the next two days, on Monday before 5 pm.  The VP of Finance will then communicate any appeals to the both the GSA Representatives and any organizations involved at least 24 hours prior to the GSA Reps meeting and the appeal will be voted on at the GSA meeting.

If there is no appeal, then the funding is processed at the Finance Committee's recommendation.  If there is an appeal, then the funding is processed at the level passed by representatives.

Summary of Metrics

In order to determine the amount given to a group through Special Allocations, the following three standards are used:

  • Audience - Special Allocations are to be given for groups or events that have large graduate student audience.
  • Additional Funding - Additional funding should be sought for any purpose that Special Allocation funding is requested for.  In particular, Special Allocations are not a supplement for a JFC budget.
  • Previous Special Allocation Funding - Special Allocation funding is not intended to be a consistent source of funding, so preference will be given to new events.

The details of all of these policies and Finance Committee meeting times can be found on the Finance Committee page. Contact the GSA VP of Finace to schedule an appointment and to get more information by e-mail.