Projects-Student Government - Carnegie Mellon University


The Student Body President will focus on three new initiatives in the 2016-2017 academic year in order to incite active engagement of the student population with the Student Government, Carnegie Mellon University, the Pittsburgh community, and the world at large.

A Model for Social Change

The President’s Initiative centers on motivating student clubs and organizations to direct their work towards positive social change on campus. This will be jumpstarted with the Conference on Social Change in the beginning of the year, which will focus on student empowerment towards community development and change. To promote the actualization of creative impact, the club or organization with the most innovative social initiative on campus (be it on food insecurity, SARV, etc.) will be awarded an additional $2000 on their budget for the upcoming fiscal year.

Fiscal Transparency

In view of rising tuition costs, the Student Government will work towards increasing understanding in the budgetary process of the University, as well as investigate how funding for services is allocated on campus. Presentations of the financial information of Carnegie Mellon in layman’s terms will enable all students to discuss their investment in their education with greater depth.

Student Government Transparency

The Student Government will be publishing a weekly column in The Tartan, Carnegie Mellon’s student newspaper, on its plans and actions throughout the term. It will also work to improve the transparency in its own funding usage to further promote student understanding in its work, as well as increase accountability in the Government.