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President's Cabinet

The President's Cabinet enables the Student Body President to get more of her goals accomplished in her one year term. Any activities-fee paying undergraduate or graduate student who is not a member of the Student Senate or the Graduate Student Assembly is eligible to apply to serve on the President’s Cabinet. This semester, the President's Cabinet has been selected and meets weekly on Wednesdays at 6:00 PM in the CUC 329 Conference Room. Beyond weekly meetings, the President’s Cabinet will assist the Student Body President and Vice-President in an effort to enhance the Carnegie Mellon student experience through policy revision and creation, campus events, and community discussions.

Peter Masters, Chief of Staff

Chief of Staff

Peter Masters

The role of the Chief of Staff is to oversee the day-to-day operations and administration of the President's Cabinet.  This includes identifying and tracking the progress of initiatives and projects of the Executive Branch. The Chief of Staff also uses their wide skill set to work on a variety of individual projects that span across all cabinet roles.

Peter can be reached at: 

Press Relations Secretary

Public Relations Secretary

Zach Newman

Public Relations Secretary handles all press inquiries as well as improving the visibility of the Student Body President's Office, through social media as well as campus outreach.

Zach can be reached at:

Mental Health Advocate

Mental Health Advocate

Eric Zhu

In addition to working on his own initiatives in improving the Mental Health environment and aid on campus, the Mental Health Advocate works with organizations who take part in the President's Initiative interested in addressing the mental health climate on campus.

Eric can be reached at:

SARV Prevention Advocate

Sexual Assault and Relationship Violence Prevention (SARVP) Advocate

Srishti Jain

In addition to working on her own initiatives in improving the Sexual Assault and Relationship Violence (SARV) environment on campus, the SARVP Advocate works with organizations who take part in the President's Initiative interested in addressing the SARV climate on campus.

Srishti can be reached at:

Assistant Director of Donational Transparency

Assistant Director of Donational Transparency 

Olivia Cannizzaro

The Assistant Director of Donational Transparency focuses on increasing visibility and tangibility of donations to the University. She will work to improve student's understanding of where these donations go as well as providing projects for class donation campaigns to work towards.

Olivia can be reached at:



Dominique Escandon

The writer helps the SBP and SBVP communicate initiatives to the general student body, as well as working with the Public Relations Secretary to help communicate ideas with clarity and concision. 

Dominique can be reached at:

Chief Technological Officer

Chief Technology Officer

Mark Vella

The Student Government CTO is responsible for working to meet the technological needs of the campus community. The CTO maintains and develops a suite of applications that many students and organizations rely on in their daily operations, including the BudgetTracker, OrgTracker, and Elections applications on Student Government's website. 

Mark can be reached at:

Adwoa Bonsu

Director of Advocacy, Diversity Advocate

Adwoa Bonsu

The Director of Advocacy oversees the President's Initiative. The Director of Advocacy also helps connect organizations to campus advocates of issues not represented in the President's Cabinet. Additionally, Adwoa will help organizations interested in improving diversity on campus through their work in the President's Initiative.

Adwoa can be reached at: 

Momin Malik

Graduate Initiatives Advisor

Momin Malik

The Graduate Initiatives Advisor is responsible for providing graduate student input and framing for the work of the President's Cabinet. He will work to improve the President and Vice President's conspicuousness in the graduate student community, as well as provide clarity for the work to benefit graduate students as well.

Momin can be reached at: 

Constitutional Advisor

Constitutional Advisor

Ryan Lapre

The Constitutional Advisor is the member of the President's Cabinet that keeps the Student Body Constitution in good order, provides insight to the legislative bodies about relevant regulations, and advises the StuGov Executive Branch on matters relating to the Student Body Constitution and its bylaws. This is a paid position.

Ryan can be reached at: