Re-Recognition-Student Government - Carnegie Mellon University

Re-Recognition Process

Spring Re-Recognition

The Re-Recognition process for "Mature" organizations has begun!  Check the "Organization Designations" listing in the right-hand column to check if your organization needs to go through the process this Spring.  If you are a "Mature" organization (all Groups):

  • Login to OrgTracker and click on your organization.  You should be presented with this screen.
  • Complete steps 1-3.  In order for a checkbox to marked as completed, you need to actually make some sort of change.  For #1, if you don't want to change anything in your description, just make a minor change, save it, and then undo it.  For #3, you'll have to re-upload your constitution, since many of them were wiped with an OrgTracker update last summer.  If you don't have a copy of your constitution, email Corinne Rockoff, Student Body Vice President for Organizations.
  • If you are a "Mature - Group B" organization, please fill out the "Mature Re-Recognition Application" linked on the right-hand column and then schedule a meeting with your re-rec liaison (you can find your liaison's contact info in the "Organization Designations" listing).

Each year, all student government recognized organizations are required to complete the re-recognition process. The goal of the process is to ensure that organizations are still functioning effectively and fulfilling their designated mission, as well as to identify issues that organizations are having functioning in the University environment - i.e., membership concerns, concerns about finances, administrative questions, etc. 

  • Young organizations (those which have existed for 12 academic semesters or less) are required to submit a detailed re-recognition application every year in the fall. 
  • Mature organizations (those which have existed for more than 12 academic semesters) are required to submit a re-recognition application every year in the spring. 
    • Mature organizations generally submit a simpler application than young organizations.
    • Every three years, mature organizations are required to submit a detailed re-recognition application.
Organizations will be notified of their status each year and will be directed to apply online for re-recognition at the appropriate time. 
Questions about the re-recognition process should be directed to the CoSO Director of Re-Recognition, Radowan Khan.