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Upcoming Events

Our seminars are open and free of charge to all CMU graduate students and postdocs. Knowing how many people to expect really helps us plan, so please register early if you're planning to come!

You can also see all upcoming PCR events on our Google Calendar. Join our mailing list to get reminders about upcoming events. If you'd like to hear about smaller social events, join our dedicated Facebook group.

Bridging the Gap

Thursday 10/15, 5:30-7 PM (NOTE DATE CHANGE)
Wean Hall 5409
Presenters: the PCR team

When you present to people even an inch outside your field, they may experience "knowledge gap vertigo" – a paralyzing sense of dizziness from trying to catch up on everything they don't know. To help you reach those audiences, this workshop developed theories of how to distill your message: what you should include, how to structure content, and how to craft explanations for complex ideas.

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Why are facts not enough

Wednesday 10/28, 5:30-7 PM
Wean Hall 5403
Presenter: Dan Kahan

When we talk about science, we often assume that people are simply misinformed; if we could just explain the facts clearly, then everyone would think the way we do. Unfortunately, that's not how science understanding works. Research consistently shows that giving people more information does not persuade them – it polarizes them, depending on how that information threatens or affirms their values and group identity. PCR is delighted to present Dan Kahan, the PI behind these studies, and the father of the field of cultural cognition.

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Blogging Club

Science Non-Fiction

Every Tuesday, 6-7 PM
Gates/Hillman 6708

We blog at ScienceNonFiction.org about pothole physics, why computers in Denver make more mistakes, the ethics of animal research, and more. Occasionally articles get picked up, but mostly we write for our own practice at writing. If you want to share your excitement about research and work on articles with a friendly group, come join us for one of our weekly meetings!