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Communication Resources

PCR has produced several quick-reference guides that may be useful to those looking to communicate about their research. Many of these documents were created for specific seminars, and can be found on the Past Events pages for those seminars, but we have assembled them here for ease of access.

PDFDesigning Science Communication: A Rhetorical Toolset
Method cards by Jen Briselli from our Why are the Facts Not Enough? workshop

PDFA Back-Pocket Guide to Science Communication
Tips distilled by PCR and MIT's Broader Impacts Group from ComSciCon 2013

PDFPreparing for an Interview
Created for our Talking to the Media workshop

PDFWarmups for an Interview
Warmups based on theatre exercises, created with help from Melissa Martin for our Interview Workshops

PDFStorytelling techniques in Radiolab
A summary of techniques from our Telling Science Stories workshop

Design resources
Our favorite websites and recommended reading on color theory and scientific design.