Judy Swan-Public Communication for Researchers - Carnegie Mellon University

Judy Swan

Associate Director for Writing in Science and Engineering, Princeton University


When Judy Swan was growing up, everyone told her she'd have to pick just one thing to do.  But that's not been true; after starting out in scientific research, she now teaches writing to scientists at all levels in education, industry, and government.  A graduate of Harvard University and MIT, Judy is currently an Associate Director of the Princeton Writing Program, where she gets to work with 18 different academic disciplines as she ponders why we all have so much trouble communicating with one another.


Judy taught our Science Writing workshop in March. She's also the co-author of PDF The Science of Scientific Writing, which was recently named an American Scientist Classic article, and also happens to be one of our favorite articles of all time. Not only does it discuss how to make complex ideas readable, but it also formulates a theory of why some sentences are harder or easier to understand.