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David Landes

Ph.D. Candidate, Department of Communication, Rhetoric and Media, University of Pittsburgh


David B. Landes (Ph.D. ABD) is an award-winning teacher of communication, rhetoric, and media at the University of Pittsburgh. He has published on argument in the best-seller Thank You For Arguing and has taught the applied humanities at MIT and Stanford University.

A Silicon Valley native, Landes grew up in the VAXcluster datacenters of his computer engineer father while naturalized in the soulful spunky expressiveness of his psychotherapist mother.  Absorbing their two professions' problem solving approaches, Landes has made a career of adjusting ideas to people and people to ideas, especially in frontier matters. He has worked with first-to-market internet startups (Friendster and an online CPR certifying service), entrepreneurial ventures (a small business accelerator and an experimental college), and artistic projects based on live improvisation.

Landes' signature style comes from 15 years of chameleoning between academic, project consultant, and freelance jazz drummer. He is currently writing his Ph.D. dissertation, A Theory Of Attention for Communication, while taking on new projects to prepare his post-doctoral career.

More details of Landes' experience and projects are listed on his website.


David led our seminar on The Art of Argument in spring 2014.