Communicating Science with Theatre Techniques (2012)-Public Communication for Researchers - Carnegie Mellon University

Communicating Science with Theatre Techniques

Melissa Martin

Melissa Martin (bio)
January 28, 2013

Theatre games aren't just for acting. They teach us how to stay authentic and personal when we're on stage, and how to talk to an audience of strangers the way we talk with our friends. Theatre techniques are what separates science lecturers from science communicators. This workshop is designed to help scientists fearlessly reveal the person engaged in the research and the energy that brought them to their work – without reducing the importance of evidence. Participants learned to use improvisation techniques to discover a sense of spontaneity, immediacy and collective communication.

Workshop Materials

This was an experience-based workshop, so we will not be posting any content from the workshop itself.

We plan to launch an Improv for Scientists mini soon, which will expand this workshop into an official course of about 6 sessions.