Science Storytelling Trilogy-Public Communication for Researchers - Carnegie Mellon University

Science Storytelling Trilogy

Ben Lillie
Erin Barker

Ben Lillie (bio) and Erin Barker (bio)
October 21-22, 2013

Storytelling is one of the most powerful ways to connect with people and share ideas. It is essential that we master the narrative arts for effective science communication. PCR took a deeper dive into storytelling with The Story Collider, a national podcast that curates stories about how science affects peoples' lives. These stories are not lectures, but funny and touching tales of the people interacting with science. We had a trilogy of events with Ben Lillie and Erin Barker, the Story Collider producers.

Part 1: The Show

Story Collider

For the first time, the Story Collider show came to Pittsburgh! Five Carnegie Mellon students shared stories of extraordinary encounters with curiosity and the world.

Part 2: The Seminar

Telling Science Stories

The Story Collider's producers shared what they've learned preparing hundreds of science storytellers for the stage. They provided insights to help tell stories and use them to enhance research talks and communication with the public.

Part 3: Small Group Workshop

For more advanced practice with storytelling, we broke off into two small group workshops with the producers of Story Collider. Participants received one-on-one feedback and got hands-on practice crafting and refining stories.