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PCR: A Professional Development Program

The public perception of science impacts us all, affecting the freedom to do our work, the funding of our research, and the policies that shape our world. The extent to which science informs public decisions depends on how well our community is trusted, heard, and understood.

It is not enough for researchers to do good work without explaining why it matters. When we stay silent on the sidelines, we yield the conversation to those with the most money, not the most information.

You can change the conversation. Join us for a series of free seminars and workshops in public communication. Get practical advice from successful professionals with firsthand experience in science communication.

Spring 2017 Events

Presentation Delivery Bridging the Gap Talking to the Media Science Non-Fiction

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PCR is finished for the semester, but the blogging club is still ongoing!

Public Communication for Researchers

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We think grad school should include training in public communication.