Carnegie Mellon University

University Smoking Policy

This policy is available online:

Carnegie Mellon University has a vital interest in maintaining a healthy and safe environment for its students, faculty, staff and visitors while respecting individual choice. Consistent with these concerns and with the City of Pittsburgh ordinance regarding smoking (Pittsburgh Code Title Six, Chapter 671), the following policy has been established to restrict smoking in most areas, and to provide procedures for accommodating the preferences of both smokers and nonsmokers.


Smoking generally means inhaling, exhaling, burning or carrying any lighted cigar, cigarette or pipe.


It is the policy of Carnegie Mellon University to provide smoke-free areas for students, faculty, staff and visitors within existing facilities to the maximum extent possible. Where the desire of smokers to smoke conflicts with the desire of nonsmokers to breathe smoke-free air, the desire to have smoke-free air will have priority.

Therefore, all Carnegie Mellon University buildings and transportation vehicles are designated as follows:

Smoking is permitted in areas specifically designated and posted as smoking areas. The university’s Environmental Health and Safety department, in cooperation with management of the affected department and guided by the City of Pittsburgh ordinance, is responsible for designating and posting signs in smoking areas.  For a map of designated smoking areas, please visit
  • University-owned residence halls, fraternities and sororities are smoke-free.
  • Smoking is prohibited at all times in shuttle buses, escort vans and Campus Police vehicles.


Cooperation and consideration between smokers and nonsmokers are necessary to assure the successful implementation of this policy. All members of the Carnegie Mellon University community are responsible for observing the provisions of this policy on smoking. Persons in designated smoking areas (as specified above) should honor the wishes of nonsmoking visitors to that particular work area. Effective implementation of the smoking policy depends upon the courtesy, respect, and cooperation of all members of the Carnegie Mellon community.


Questions or concerns regarding the implementation of this policy should be referred to the Carnegie Mellon University Environmental Health and Safety Department. Managers or their representatives are responsible for seeing that persons in their areas comply with this smoking policy. Complaints about smoking in nonsmoking areas should be directed to someone in charge of the area or to those in the contact list below.

Officials in the following offices are available to answer questions about this policy:

  • Signage, Environmental Health and Safety, 412-268-8182
  • Problem resolution, University Police, 412-268-2323
  • Effect on students, Student Affairs, 412-268-2075
  • Effect on faculty, Provost’s Office, 412-268-6684
  • Effect on staff, Manager, Employment and Employee Relations; Human Resources Representatives or Associate Vice President for Human Resources, 412-268-5081, 412-268-5070