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Student Activities Fee

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By action of the Board of Trustees, a required Student Activities Fee of $125 per semester (in addition to tuition) is charged to all undergraduate students and a required Student Activities Fee of $101 per semester (in addition to tuition) is charged to graduate students who enroll for 19 units or more. Student Government is responsible for administering the fee and for using it only for the support of projects under the following guidelines:

  1. Activities and facilities which can be described as meeting the reasonably predictable social, cultural, recreational or welfare needs of college students.
  2. Publications which can reasonably be presumed to serve the needs of the student community for communication, expressions of opinion and the conduct of their business.
  3. Such enterprises of an entrepreneurial nature undertaken by the student body as can reasonably be expected to serve as an instrument for meeting the needs described above.

All functions and services provided by the fees described above must be in accordance with Carnegie Mellon's policy of non-discrimination. In addition, no use of such fees may be intended to violate or circumvent the policies of the university or the laws of the land.

Final responsibility for establishing the amount of any required fee rests with the Board of Trustees, which will consider changes only upon requests of the Student Government and the officers of the university.

Note: Historically, the Student Government has dedicated a specific portion of graduate students' activities fees to the Graduate Student Assembly to be used at their discretion.