Activities-Student Affairs - Carnegie Mellon University


Activities involving the students at Carnegie Mellon are under the direction of the Student Government, the dean of student affairs, or particular university committees and councils advisory to the officers of the university. In general, students solve problems associated with extracurricular activities. For this reason, student officers have considerable responsibility. Students at Carnegie Mellon are encouraged to form organizations that serve their extracurricular needs and qualify for recognition by the Student Government.

Financial statements of all organizations or committees that collect money, in any manner, from the student body must be filed with the Student Government. Publication in The Tartan of a statement of the accounts may be required at the option of the Student Government.


Extracurricular activities are any campus social, service or honorary organization; varsity or intramural athletic team; or any other campus organization recognized by the Student Government of Carnegie Mellon or by the university whether participation is on the intercollegiate level or within the university. To be eligible to participate in extracurricular activities, a student must pay the activities fee, be registered in a degree course and carrying a schedule of not less than 36 units.

Seniors may be excused from the 36-unit requirement by a letter from the dean or head of the department in which they are enrolled to the dean of student affairs stating that they are carrying all of the courses needed for their graduation. No student can participate in an extracurricular activity for more than four years, except by permission of the dean of student affairs. Exception is made when curriculum requirements entail five years of undergraduate study or the activity is structured to serve both female and male undergraduate and/or graduate students.