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Residential Education & Housing

The structure of Carnegie Mellon’s house model is designed to promote significant interaction among community members. With House Council and a variety of programming initiatives, students are encouraged to take an active role within their residential communities. From improvements to the physical space to a breadth of leadership opportunities, students are strong partners in building safe, positive communities in which each person may share with others their unique strengths and talents. Students drive much of the programming within and among house communities, and student support is critical for community success.

CMU’s housing communities strive to provide students with opportunities to enhance their own growth and development as they progress through their college years. Each community has its own distinctive character, traditions, and design, but all share core focus areas: transition, support, involvement, personal development, and community commitment.

Click on the name of the houses you are interested in and you will be directed to Housing Services to learn more about those communities.

First-Year Houses

First-year student houses place a strong emphasis on exposure to new ideas and new people as residents become oriented to the Carnegie Mellon community. First-year students are strongly encouraged to take an active role in the development of their house community, its traditions, and its culture through avenues such as House Councils, the Emerging Leaders program, and a variety of service-learning opportunities. 

  • Boss & McGill House (part of the Hill community, orientation color RED)
    • note: McGill is an all-women residence hall that also has a floor of upperclass students
  • Donner House (orientation color BLUE)
  • Hamerschlag & Scobell House (part of the Hill community, orientation color RED)
    • note: both buildings are all-male communities
  • Henderson (part of the Hill community, orientation color RED)
    • note: first-year & upperclass students interested in living in Henderson need to apply 

Upperclass Houses

These house communities leverage the benefits of having a range of students from varying class years. Residents benefit when students who have a variety of experiences at Carnegie Mellon interact and share their talents with each other. These houses are some of the largest at Carnegie Mellon and are characterized by strong house identities, active leadership opportunities for residents, and long-standing traditions that are maintained year after year. 

Special note on apartment communities

Carnegie Mellon provides a variety of apartment-style housing communities, both on main campus and in the Oakland area. These communities provide a unique blend of a traditional residential environment while affording students a great deal of independence. The Oakland apartments, in particular, offer students and staff the opportunity to enjoy a more independent college living environment while maintaining the same community-building efforts and supports found in traditional on-campus residences. Residents in these houses live in both campus-owned and campus-leased facilities, some of which include a mixture of Carnegie Mellon and non-Carnegie Mellon residents.

Fraternity/Sorority (Greek) Housing - Click here to learn more!

For information on residential staff, please visit our House Staff page.