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Diversity Training Opportunities

Carnegie Mellon Diversity Awareness and Development
The University's Central Human Resources Division, along with the Diversity and Equal Opportunity Services office, continues to offer L&D programs for both management and non-supervisory personnel about their 'Role in Carnegie Mellon's Diversity Initiative.' Also, there are department requests for direct organizational development work related to diversity matters. These programs are routinely offered on campus-wide, College, and department basis. Albeit, programming may carry differing names, New Department Head's Series, New Employee Orientation Program, Interactive Theatre, Maximizing the Potential of Your Workforce, Diversity and You, New Faculty Program, Carnegie Mellon Leadership Symposium, etc., the objectives are ,

  • To understand the relationship  between workplace environment/culture and enhancing performance
  • To understand the importance and  impact of diversity on productivity and organizational success; this includes engaging in active discussion  about issues of fairness, assistance, inclusion, respect, and community  development in the workplace; and,
  • To actively discuss steps to build  both workplace and individual cultural competencies

Generally, outlines for any diversity specific 'talks' place diversity in the context of the University's strategic efforts, e.g., community success, recruitment/selection/retention, and culture and climate enhancement. The focus of these sessions is most often accountability, i.e., integration into everyday activities, data and metrics, and sustainability.

Emerging Leaders
With a focus on the self-exploration and discovery of personal values and goals for first year students, Emerging Leaders (run through the Student Development Office) allows students to meet and connect with many other first years while exploring qualities and values associated with successful leaders and ultimately creating personal mission statement. One session of Emerging Leaders focuses on inclusive leadership.

Interactive Theatre
Interactive Theatre is a community enhancement initiative offered through Human Resources for faculty and staff at Carnegie Mellon. Our goal is to foster awareness and dialogue on sensitive issues such as diversity, sexual harassment and workplace relationships. The program itself does not prescribe definitive solutions but rather provides a forum from which participants can work together to enhance understanding and inclusion.
Actors will present a scenario on subject matter relevant to the workplace and classroom. Afterwards, participants will have the opportunity to question the characters on their thoughts, feelings, motivations and actions. A facilitator then processes the group's responses and promotes awareness and insight during a learning dialogue.
"The Talking To" –Diversity
"Something's Wrong" –Sexual Harassment
"The Remark" –Chilly Climate
"Learning the Ropes" –Workplace Relationships
"A Job Well Done" –Workplace Relationship
"Ranking" –Diversity

SafeZone is a network of allies committed to providing a safe and affirming environment for all at Carnegie Mellon, including anyone dealing with issues of sexual orientation and gender identity. The goals of the program are to: identify members of the Carnegie Mellon community who have pledged to provide a safe and supportive contact for gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender (glbt) students, faculty and staff; provide educational opportunities that prepare students, faculty, and staff to serve as resources for the campus community; provide a visual statement of support and safety for the glbt community.
All members of the campus community – students, faculty and staff – straight and gay – are invited to join the network. By displaying a SafeZone sign in their work or living space, members of the SafeZone network actively show their support of lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender persons. To become a member of the network, you will be asked to participate in a three-hour training session, which is geared to help you become a better ally. Trainings are offered during the fall and spring semesters. Once you have completed the training, you will be asked to display the SafeZone logo on your office door, or residence hall room, to identify you as a person who is safe to talk to about gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender issues.  The SafeZone program is run by the Student Development Office.