Global Community-Office of The Dean - Carnegie Mellon University

624 Clyde: A Global Living Learning House

A newly renovated, multi-unit efficiency apartment community will open in August 2014 for upper class students with a global curiosity, committed to deepening their own intercultural competency and with an interest in developing a mutual understanding of their responsibilities as active global citizens seeking to bring about positive change.

Apartments for two and three residents are built around wonderful common areas that will host spirited conversation and promote meaningful connections. This community will be assigned via a selection process and interested students are invited to complete the short online application.

Please contact Renee Camerlengo, Assistant Dean of Student Affairs or call 412-268-2075 if you have questions about this new housing opportunity.

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Is there an RA in the house?
The Community Advisor for Shady Oak, Neville and 624 Clyde St. will live in the house and serve  as the RA for the house .

What is the room rate?
The rates and fees for campus housing can be found at Housing Services.

How do I join?
Assignments are made by a selection process and you are encouraged to complete an online application. Applications accepted until March 26, 2014.