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Global and International Initiatives and the Pollock Principles

In 2006, the Educational Affairs and Enrollment Committee (EAEC) of the Board of Trustees was asked to undertake a review of the University’s international initiatives.   The outcome of that review was the development of seven principles intended to guide and support the University as it contemplates new opportunities.

The principles, named the “Pollock Principles” for E. Kears Pollock, then Chair of the EAEC and current Vice Chair of the Board of Trustees, were approved by the full Board of Trustees at the May 2007 meeting.

Faculty and staff should ensure that new initiatives adhere to the programmatic, operational, and financial principles, as provided in the document below.

•    Pollock Principles [.pdf, login required]

Offices and departments that support faculty with initiative development include:

•    Enrollment Services
•    International Finance
•    Office of the General Counsel
•    Office of International Education
•    Office of Sponsored Programs
•    Office of the Vice President for Campus Affairs
•    Office of the Vice Provost for Education