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Repair Policy

Diagnostic Services, System Repair, Virus Removal, Data Back-up, Data Migration, OS Upgrades, Data Recovery, System Tune-ups Windows and Mac

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Item ID Description of Service  Price
52000 REPAIR DIAGNOSTIC TIER 1  $        39.00
Basic diagnostic, One hour of Tech time
52001 REPAIR DIAGNOSTIC TIER 2  $        59.00
Additional billing, Advanced diagnostic, two hours of Tech time
52002 REPAIR 1HR WARRANTY  $        69.00
One hour of labor - (excudes Apple)
52003 REPAIR 1/2HR WARRANTY  $        39.00
1/2 hour of labor - (excudes Apple)
52004 REPAIR 1HR NON-WARRANTY  $        99.00
One hour of labor, out of warranty, all vendors
52005 REPAIR 1/2HR NON-WARRAN  $        49.00
1/2 hour of labor, out of warranty, all vendors
52006 REPAIR VIRUS REMOVAL TIER 1  $        99.00
Basic virus removal, software based
52007 REPAIR VIRUS REMOVAL TIER 2  $      169.00
Format harddisk and installation of OS
(does not include Data Recovery or Virtual Storage of data)
52008 REPAIR DATA MIGRATION  $        50.00
Moving of data from hard disk to replacement or secondary storage device
(purchased seperately or provided by end user)
52009 REPAIR OS UPGRADE TIER 1  $        69.00
Upgrade of OS from previous version, does not include formatting of hard drive
52010 REPAIR OS UPGRADE TIER 2  $        99.00
Upgrade of OS from older version or clean install, includes hard drive formatting
Data recovery, software based only (not guaranteed to succeed)
Data recovery, advanced software tools used (not guaranteed to succeed)
52013 REPAIR SYSTEM TUNE-UP WIN  $        39.00
Window OS and software updates installed & verified
52014 REPAIR SYSTEM TUNE-UP MAC  $        39.00
Mac OS & software updates installed & verified.
52018 REPAIR PARTS  At Cost 
At cost Repair Parts
52019 REPAIR QUICK FIX  $        25.00
Memory installs, hard disk removals, reseating of componets
52020 REPAIR EXTENSIVE CLEANING  $        39.00
Disassembly, cleaning and reassembly of unit
52021 REPAIR 500GB VIRTUAL STORAGE  $        29.00
Virtual storage of data, up to 500Ggs
52022 REPAIR 1TB VIRTUAL STORAGE  $        49.00
Virtual storage of data, up to 1 TB
52023 REPAIR DIAGNOSTIC ON-SITE  $        59.00
On-site diagnostic, per visit

Repair Policy

There will be a minimum charge for service including estimates.  It is hereby understood and agreed by and between Computer Sales & Repair and the customer that it is the responsibility of the customer to do backups of all data entered into or stored with in any of the equipment for which repair service has or is to be performed by Repair, unless data migration or recovery is part of the service requested

You herby release Repair and hold us harmless from any and all liability of any nature whatsoever with regard to the service provided.