Representatives-Staff Council - Carnegie Mellon University

2014 - 2015 Current Representatives

Names of Divisional Representatives, listed by Division (.xls)



Term Dates


Jamie Bommer At-Large (Computing Services) 2013-2015 Jamie Bommer
Treci Bonime At-Large (CIT) 2013-2015 SC Logo
Krista Campbell At-Large (Advancement) 2013-2015 Archivist Krista Campbell
George Cann Divisional (Dietrich) 2014-2016 George Cann
Christa Cardone At-Large (Finance) 2013-2015 christa cardone
Deborah Cavlovich At-Large (SCS) 2013-2015

Co-Chair, Constitution Committee

Sharon Cavlovich At-Large (SCS) 2013-2015

Co-Chair, Kennywood & Entertainment Discounts Committee
Personal Mention

Carrie Chisholm At-Large (Advancement) 2013-2015 Chair, Communications Committee chisholm
Desiree Chronick At-Large (Computing Services) 2013-2015 chronick
Margaret Cox Divisional (CFA) 2014-2016 Margaret Cox
Donora Craighead Divisional (VP for Education) 2014-2016 Webmaster Donora Craighead
Marisa Daugherty At-Large (Computing Services) 2013-2015 marisa daugherty
Matt D'Emilio At-Large (Finance) 2013-2015, Current Officer

Vice Chair

Chair, Elections Committee
Personal Mention

Matt DEmilio
Heather Depasquale At-Large (Computing Services) 2013-2015 default
Christine Ferguson Divisional (Computing Services) 2014-2016   Ferguson Christine
Evie Fisher Divisional (University Contracts) 2014-2016 Personal Mention Evie Fisher
Dawn Gianotti Divisional (University Advancement) 2014-2016 dawn gianotti
Thom Gulish At-Large (SCS) 2013-2015 Thom Gulish

Jeffrey Harris

Divisional (General Counsel)


Chair, Rewards & Recognition Committee

Personal Mention

Dolores Heagy At-Large (Computing Services) 2013-2015 dolores heagy
Mark Herleman Divisional (Procurement) 2014-2016 mark herleman
Christopher Hertz At-Large (CIT) 2013-2015 chris hertz
Claire Isgan Divisional (University Advancement) 2014-2016 claire isgan
Shannon Konek Divisional (Finance) 2014-2016 shannon konek
Bryan Koval At-Large (Campus Affairs) 2013-2015 Co-Chair, Relations Grievance Advisory Committee brian koval
Barbara Kviz At-Large (Campus Affairs) 2013-2015 Chair, Sustainability Committee kviz
Sebastian Lacy Divisional (MCS) 2014-2016 sebastian lacy
Jennifer Landefeld At-Large (SCS) 2013-2015 default
John Lanyon At-Large (Education) 2013-2015, Current Officer Past Chair

Personal Mention
Dwayne Lehman At-Large (SCS) 2013-2015 Co-Chair, Constitution Committee lehman
Adam Loucks At-Large (CIT) 2013-2015 Adam Loucks
Aydaen Lynch Divisional (CIT) 2014-2016 aydaen lynch
Andrew McMillen Divisional (Tepper) 2014-2016 andrew mcmillen
Lt. Joseph Meyers Divisional (Campus Affairs) 2014-2016 joseph meyers
Robert Nord Divisional (SEI) 2014-2016 robert nord
Jessica Owens Divisional (Vice Provost for Education) 2014-2016 Chair, Benefits Committee Jessica Owens
Kaycee Palko At-Large (Campus Affairs) 2013-2015 Kaycee Palko
Carole Panno At-Large (Advancement) 2013-2015 Chair, Food Drive Committee panno
Ann Papuga At-Large (SCS) 2013-2015 ann papuga
Victoria Poprocky At-Large (SCS) 2013-2015 victoria poprocky
Nicole Reading Divisional (MCS) 2014-2016 Co-Chair, Sustainability Committee Nicole Reading
Dave Reinoehl Divisional (SEI) 2014-2016 default
David Riel At-Large
(Heinz School)
2013-2015 David Riel
Cleah Schlueter At-Large (SCS) 2013-2015 schlueter
Kim Sestili Divisional (University Libraries) 2014-2016, Current Officer Treasurer kimS
Vivek Shastry At-Large (Campus Affairs) 2013-2015 Vivek Shastry
Peter Siegel Divisional (Tepper) 2014-2016 Peter Siegel
Eileen Simeone Divisional (Dietrich) 2014-2016   eileen simeone
M. Shernell Smith At-Large (Campus Affairs) 2013-2015, Current Officer


Personal Mention

Shernell Smith
Sylvia Smith Divisional (School of Computer Science) 2014-2016

Personal Mention

Co-Chair, Relations Grievance Advisory Committee

sylvia berry smith
Nicole Stenger Divisional (School of Computer Science) 2014-2016 Co-Chair, Kennywood & Entertainment Discounts Committee Nicole Stenger
Patricia Stragar Divisional (Campus Affairs) 2014-2016, Current Officer


Personal Mention

Sarah Suiter Divisional (Computing Services) 2014-2016   sarah suiter
Emily Syes Divisional (CFA) 2014-2016 emily syes
Rachelle Thompson Divisional (Heinz) 2014-2016 rachelle thompson
Julie Tilton Divisional (CIT) 2014-2016 julie tilton
Stefanie Vanhorn Divisional (Heinz) 2014-2016 stefanie vanhorn
Thomas Wilk At-Large (Computing Services) 2013-2015 Chair, Take Our Daughters & Sons to Work Day Tom Wilk
Kirk Wojno At-Large (Finance) 2013-2015 kirk wojno
Russell Yount At-Large (Computing Services) 2013-2015 yount
Leah Zande Divisional (University Libraries) 2014-2016 leah zande
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