Officers and Representatives-Staff Council - Carnegie Mellon University

2014-2015 Officers

Chair Pattye Stragar (412) 268-1235
Vice Chair Matt D'Emilio (412) 268-4256
Secretary M. Shernell Smith (412) 268-2075
Treasurer Kim Sestili (412) 268-2441
Past Chair John Lanyon (412) 268-7410

The Executive Committee is comprised of the current Officers, the Chairs and Co-Chairs of Standing Committees, the Parliamentarian, the Archivist and the Webmaster.  The Executive Committee manages and executes the business of Staff Council. This includes, but is not limited to, approving the agenda for meetings, advising the Chair in making appointments to University committees, and monitoring the activities of Staff Council Committees.

The Chair of Staff Council appoints a Parliamentarian, an Archivist and a Webmaster for a term of one year. 

The Parliamentarian will monitor meetings and handle any questions of procedure that may arise during a meeting.  Such issues will be decided by the presiding officer after consultation with the Parliamentarian. However, a ruling of the presiding officer may be overruled by a majority vote of those members present. In the event that the Parliamentarian is absent, the Chair may appoint an acting Parliamentarian for the duration of the meeting.

The Archivist will be responsible for gathering materials from all Staff Council Committees and general meetings for transfer to the Staff Council Archives, as well as the cataloging and maintenance of said records and the proper disposal of duplicate and dated materials (election ballots, written survey instruments, etc.) The Archivist will also provide the Officers with a log listing the pertinent documents contained within the archives and will make the documents available when requested. 

The Webmaster will be responsible for maintaining the Staff Council Website and other electronic means of communication as directed by the Chair.

Officer Position Descriptions (.pdf; version 2014)

Officers, 2014-2015 (L-R): Matt D'Emilio (Vice Chair); M. Shernell Smith (Secretary); Pattye Stragar (Chair); Kim Sestili (Treasurer). Not pictured: John Lanyon (Past Chair)

officers 2014 2015

Aug. 15, 2014