2014-2016 Divisional Election-Staff Council - Carnegie Mellon University

2014-2016 Divisional Election Results

The 2014-2016 Divisional Representatives are as follows:

Division 1: Kim Sestili, Leah Zande
Division 2: Christine Ferguson, Sarah Suiter
Division 3: Donora Craighead, Jessica Owens
Division 4: Dawn A. Gianotti, Claire Isgan
Division 5: Mark Herleman, Shannon Konek
Division 6: Lt. Joseph Meyers, Pattye Stragar
Division 7: Evie Fisher, Jeffrey Harris
Division 8: Aydaen Lynch, Julie Tilton
Division 9: Nicole Reading, Sebastian Lacy
Division 10: Sylvia Smith, Nicole Stenger
Division 11: Margaret Cox, Emily Syes
Division 12: Ellen Conser, Eileen Simeone
Division 13: Andrew McMillen, Pete Siegel
Division 14: Rachelle Thompson, Stefanie Vanhorn
Division 15: Robert Nord, David Reinoehl

Information related to Divisional breakdown can be found at http://www.cmu.edu/staff-council/nominations-elections/divisional-breakdown.html

Thank you to everyone who will run and compete in this exciting election. For more information, contact Pattye Stragar, Elections Committee Chair.

Version Feb. 11, 2014
Updated May 5, 2014
Updated Sept. 24, 2014