2012-2014 Divisional Election-Staff Council - Carnegie Mellon University

2012-2014 Divisional Election Results

The Divisional Elections are complete and have been certified.  The 2012-2014 Divisional Representatives are as follows (Individuals whose names are in strikethrough have stepped down or have been removed from Staff Council as of August 16, 2013):

Division 1:           Virginia White
Division 2:           Christine Ferguson and Sarah Suiter
Division 3:           Donora Craighead and Jessica Owens
Division 4:           Open   Stacie McAllister and Julie Buffington
Division 5:           Open   Sean McCool and Joshua Conklin
Division 6:           Open
Division 7:           Patricia Stragar and John Papinchak Susie Sheldon
Division 8:           Open   Camille Manley 
Division 9:           Rachael Swetnam and Shannon Lown
Division 10:         Lillian Crawford and Tatyana Aleynikov
Division 11:         Sylvia Berry and Nicole Stenger
Division 12:         Kenneth Chu and Fran Flaherty
Division 13:         Ellen Conser and Eileen Simeone
Division 14:         Peter Siegel and Janet Kaercher
Division 15:         Lanae Meyer and Scott Scheible
Division 16:         Aaron Detwiler and David Reinoehl
Division 17:         Kim Sestilli

Information related to Divisional breakdown can be found at www.cmu.edu/staff-council/elections/divisional.html.

Thank you to everyone who ran and competed in this exciting election.  For more information, contact Jeffrey Harris, past Staff Council Chair.