At-Large Election Results for 2013-2015-Staff Council - Carnegie Mellon University

Monday, May 13, 2013

At-Large Election Results for 2013-2015

The following candidates have won election to Staff Council as at-large representatives for the 2013-2015 term (Individuals whose names are in strikethrough have either stepped down or been removed from Staff Council):

TRECI BONIME                       
YVONNE BREWSTER                     
KRISTA CAMPBELL                     
DEBORAH CAVLOVICH                    
SHARON CAVLOVICH                    
CARRIE CHISHOLM                     
DESIREE CHRONICK                     
MARISA DAUGHERTY                    
BENJAMIN DAVIS                        
MATTHEW D'EMILIO                     
HEATHER DEPASQUALE                   
PATRICIA DOANE                        
DOLORES HEAGY                        
CHRISTOPHER HERTZ                        
BRYAN KOVAL                        
BARBARA KVIZ                         
DWAYNE LEHMAN                       
ADAM LOUCKS                       
KAYCEE PALKO                       
CAROLE PANNO                        
ANN PAPUGA                       
MARK PENNEY                       
VICTORIA POPROCKY                     
AUDREY PORTIS                       
CLEAH SCHLEUTER                         
M SHERNELL SMITH                        
JESSICA SUN                          
JOEL TREMBULAK                    
THOMAS WILK                         
KIRK WOJNO                        
RUSSEL YOUNT                     

Updated Aug. 22, 2013