Discounts Available to CMU Staff-Staff Council - Carnegie Mellon University

Staff Council Discounts

Several discounts are available to CMU staff to various events, memberships and other discounts. Many of these are valid year 'round and some are seasonal. PLEASE NOTE that pricing, login & discount code information is subject to change from from one year to the next year.

Contact Nicole Stenger at or
Sharon Cavlovich at

Human Resources Benefits

Human Resources provides benefits in six core areas. Health, Retirement, Tuition, Life Insurance, Disability Insurance, and Lifestyle Support. The specific benefits for which you are eligible will depend on the number of hours per week that you are scheduled to work and your geographic location. Contact the CMUWorks Service Center for more information.

Procurement Services

CMU provides numerous (well hidden) benefits to staff that you can take advantage of. Procurement Services is committed to providing our buying community with the information, processes and tools to make effective buying decisions while meeting its compliance obligations. View the Supplier Directory to see the deals and discounts available to you.