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Sustainability Committee

Co-Chair:  Barb Kviz
Co-Chair:  Matthew D'Emilio


Attila Csokai
Sarah Glenn
Ed Heath
Adam Loucks
Robert Nord
Nicole Reading
Dave Reinoehl
Ron Ripper
Shernell Smith
Pattye Stragar

The Sustainability Committee was formed in 2010 in order to develop a more comprehensive waste reduction and energy conservation program specifically for staff members working in coordination with CMU's Green Practices Committee.

The Sustainability Committee partners with other campus groups to make recommendations to Staff Council and its constituencies about new and easier ways to 'reduce, reuse, and recycle,' in order to set an example for all staff on campus.  A representative from the Sustainability Committee is typically designated as a liaison to participate on the Green Practices Committee.

Staff Council can lobby to change university policies as they affect staff and the entire campus community. Areas for possible campus 'green initiatives' include working to increase CMU's recycling rate from 26% to 40%, further minimizing waste on campus, increasing the number of departmental-level food composting programs, helping facilitate Zero Waste events with Catering / Dining, encouraging the transition from paper to electronic filing strategies, reducing electricity use, improving indoor air quality, decreasing Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs), and educating staff about alternative commuting and Green purchasing opportunities.

Updated Sep 25, 2016
Updated Aug 21, 2015