Food Drive Committee-Staff Council - Carnegie Mellon University

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Food Drive Committee

  Carole Panno

Tatyana Aleynikov
Krista Campbell
Carrie Chisholm
Desiree Chronick
Donora Craighead
Marisa Daugherty
Heather Depasquale
Katie Drago
Christine Ferguson
Bryan Koval
Barbara Kviz
John Lanyon
Adam Loucks
Kelly Mullins
Ann Papuga
Victoria Poprocky
Dave Reinoehl
Kim Sestili
Sarah Suiter
Rachael Swetnam
Virginia (Ginnie) White

The Food Drive Committee is responsible for planning, organizing, marketing, and implementing the University’s Annual Food Drive.  The Food Drive usually begins in late October or early November, lasts for two weeks and is open to participation by all staff, faculty and students. The committee members begin meeting in early September to plan and strategize for the drive. Tasks that need to be completed to make the drive successful include:  contacting vendors to donate prizes for a raffle, organizing the annual kick-off event at the October Staff Council meeting, planning the One Can/One Day event at the annual Benefits Fair, organizing Cans Across the Cut, advertising the drive and the corresponding events, and planning the logistics of the drive. All proceeds benefit the Greater Pittsburgh Community Food Bank.

Updated Sept. 11, 2014