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Constitution Committee

Chair: Matthew D'Emilio


Bryce Beeghley
Deb Cavlovich
Michael Cunningham
Shannon Konek
Tim Leonard
Dave Reinoehl
Sylvia Smith
Shernell Smith
Stefanie Vanhorn

The role of the Constitution Committee is to act in an advisory capacity to the Chair on all matters relating to the Constitution including interpretation as well as the drafting and proposing of amendments when called for.


The Constitution Committee of Staff Council was established in September 1999 by Chair Jay Marano. As the new Chair, Jay found that the Constitution and By-laws were not functioning and that they needed to be cleaned up. Jay established the Constitution Committee as an ad hoc committee and appointed Allan Becer to serve as Chair, with the mandate of recruiting members who would examine the Constitution and By-Laws.

The Committee found that the original Constitution and By-Laws, which had been adopted in 1993, were in a state of disarray. It appeared that the writers of the original document had to a large extent taken the Faculty Senate Constitution as their template, resulting in a document which did not apply to the mission nor to the manner in which Staff Council was functioning. The Committee proposed the writing of a new Constitution, which was approved by Staff Council. The task was completed in October 2001, and was approved by the Staff Council to take effect on 1 January 2002.

In September 2001, Chair Deb Cavlovich gave the Constitution Committee more permanent status by making it a regular committee of Staff Council, dealing with constitutional issues. In 2002, Chair Ed McAfoose, conducted a survey among the members of Staff Council, the results of which were turned over to the Constitution Committee for examination. The Committee came up with 6 issues to be examined, which resulted in the creation of several new amendments to the constitution, as well as the recommendation to the Chair that a Task Force Committee be created to examine issues relating to representation and the entire structure of Staff Council. The Task Force was subsequently created in 2003 as an ad hoc committee to examine the future functioning of Staff Council.

From 2004 until the present, the Constitution Committee has largely served as an advisory body to the Chair as well as having drafted several amendments that have been accepted and added to the Constitution.

Updated Aug 21, 2015